Visitor Visa

Canada Visitor visa


Program Introduction

It is a 5-year visa. The applicant can enter Canada many times a during the visa validation time, but at most can stay in Canada 6 months with each entry. The length of visa is as long as your passport expiration length.

Some tips about visitor visa

  • The passengers can extend their stay in Canada after 6 months.
  • The passengers can extend their visa before their visa expiration date.
  • According to the passenger’s purpose of travel and officer’s opinion, the officer issues the visitor visa for one time. This type of visitor visa is called one-time entry visa and the passenger can stay in Canada for 6 months.

Applicant requirements for visitor visa

  • This visa is issued for those passengers who want to visit Canada tourist attractions and visit their family in Canada.
  • The document sent to the embassy or VAC must adjust with the purpose of travel.
  • The passenger can’t work or study in Canada.
  • The applicant mustn’t have criminal record in any country.
  • The applicant mustn’t have dangerous or contagious illnesses.


How to express your interest?

After filling in the assessment form our immigration experts assess your status and then call you in order to get you informed of the details of the program.







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