1. Program introduction:

    Entrepreneurship is a provincial program to immigrate to Canada. Applicant must submit their application through provincial bureau of immigration. Generally, in all provincial immigration programs, applicants can get Canada visa for all family members by dedicating to invest and set up a business in the province. Although there are many similarities with the main condition (setting up a business) and other programs of immigration, there are many conditions to make the entrepreneurship program exclusive for each province including type of visa, amount of investment, required document and etc. According to studies of legal conditions and details of provincial entrepreneurship program, British Columbia, New Brunswick and Ontario have provided more appropriate conditions. A brief description of conditions which these 3 provinces have in common is presented below:


    • Getting permeant residence VISA (New Brunswick is the only province which gives permanent residence VISA)
    • Refundable investment conditions
    • No need to invest in Canada before entrance ( 6 to 12 month time to start investing)
    • High acceptance rate
    • Refunding expenses if the applicant is not admitted
    • Checking and processing documents and applications very fast (6 to 12 months)

  2. Program requirements

    Applicants must have at least 3 years of management work experience or personal business management in last 5 years in order to submit their application. The value of their properties must be worth at least 600/000 ca$. Applicants must have CLB 5 in English or French language. Finally, applicant must provide a 250/000 ca$ business plan at least and inform preparation and dedication to implement it in Canada after confirmation and landing in Canada.


How to express your interest?

After filling in the assessment form our immigration experts assess your status and then call you in order to get you informed of the details of the program.

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