Federal Skilled Worker

Federal Skilled Worker

Federal skilled worker is one the most comprehensive and favorite methods of obtaining permanent residency of Canada. In this method, applicants with proper education, work experience, age, language skills and … are invited to Canada to assist the economy with their skills. Applicants are assessed in two separate levels, first they must obtain 67 scores out of a total 100 scores to enter the pool.

  1. Requirements:

    1. Language skills


    Language levelSpeakingListeningReadingWritingTotal score
    CLB 9   and higher666624
    CLB 8555520
    CLB 7444416
    CLB 7   and lowerNo scoreNo scoreNo scoreNo scoreNo score


    The equivalent table of IELTS and CLB is presented below:


    level CLBIELTS ReadingIELTS WritingIELTS ListeningIELTS Speaking


    1. age:


    age18 to 35363738394041424344454647 and more



    1. Educational degree


    Educational degreeScore
    Master Degree or Equivalent23
    Bachelor Degree21
    Associate Degree19


    1. Job Offer


    Having a valid job offer from Canada can add 10 scores to the applicant. The job offer must be in A, B or 0 NOC.


    National Occupational Classification (NOC):

    NOC 0: management jobs such as restaurant manager or business manager


    NOC A: These types of jobs require a university degree.


    NOC B: These types of jobs are technical jobs.


    1. Work experience: The applicant must present valid documents to have work experience.



    work experienceScore
    1 year9
    2 to 3 years11
    4 to 5 years13
    5 years and more15


    1. Obtaining more scores

    In this part, the table of additional scores is presented below that consists of partner language skills, partner Canadian work experience and …


    Additional scoreScore
    Partner language skills5
    Partner Canadian study experience5
    Partner Canadian work experience5
    Applicant  Canadian work experience10
    Applicant job offer10
    Partner job offer5
    Having immediate family members in Canada5


  2. Obtaining second part of scores in FSW program

    After obtaining 67 scores out of 100 scores, the applicants must obtain 470 scores (based on Feb 2020 Draw) out of a total of 1200 scores to be invited by the Canadian government and get the work permit and visa. The effective factor that help the applicants to get the proper score are:

    1. Applicant Age and partner’s age
    2. Applicant Educational level and Partner’s educational level
    3. Applicant Language skills and partner’s language skills
    4. Applicant foreign work experience and partner’s Foreign work experience
    5. Applicant Canadian work experience and partner’s Canadian work experience
    6. Having management experience in Canada
    7. Having Canadian job offer
    8. Having siblings in Canada
    9. Having French language test report



How to express your interest?

After filling in the assessment form our immigration experts assess your status and then call you in order to get you informed of the details of the program.

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