Canadian sponsorship

Canadian sponsorship

Program Introduction:

A Canadian permanent resident who is over 18 can get Canada permanent residency for immediate family members under sponsorship class. This class consists of a variety of sponsorships:

  • Spousal
  • Parental ( and also grandparents)
  • Children ( also adopted children )
  • Sponsoring other eligible applicants


All these sponsored members can live, work and study in Canada but the sponsor should sign a contract and undertake to provide cuisine, clothes and accommodation and sponsored member have no right to request financial aid for living costs.

In Quebec, the bureau of immigration signs a contact with the applicant, but in other states, the applicants should sign a contract with federal bureau of immigration.

In these conditions the sponsor may not have meet the requirements to sponsor a member:

  • If the sponsor has sponsored a member in the past.
  • If the sponsor is not able to afford his/her child/children living cost.
  • If the sponsor has committed a sexual assault.
  • If the sponsor has requested financial aid from the government (except loans)
  • If the sponsor has sponsored a member who has requested financial aid from the government.


How to express your interest?

After filling in the assessment form our immigration experts assess your status and then call you in order to get you informed of the details of the program.



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