British Columbia

  1. Provincial skilled program:

    British Columbia, located in western Canada, is the third biggest city in Canada. There are two common approaches offered by provincial bureau of immigration:

  2. BC Skills Immigration


    1. Skilled Worker Category: This program requires a valid job offer and relevant work experience.
    2. Health Care Professional Category: Nurses, Doctors, Psychologists, and other medical staff can apply for this category. This program requires a valid job offer and relevant work experience.
    3. International Graduate Category: The applicants must have a university or college degree in last 3 years. This program requires a valid job offer.
    4. International Post-Graduate Category: applicants must graduate from a British Columbia university in the field of natural and applied science or medical. There is no need for BC valid job offer.
    5. Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker Category: applicants who have semi-professional jobs in technical field or service jobs such as tourism or catering can apply for this program.
    – BC Express Entry: British Columbia express entry is aligned with federal express entry that leads the applicants to be prioritized in both programs and if chosen, get a permanent residency. Immigration groups who want to apply for Canada permanent residency through BC skills immigration can apply for permanent residency through BC express entry.
    Applicants who can apply for BC express entry and have a job offer in the field on technology, are offered to apply for BC Tech Pilot.




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